Z-Wave, improving safety in your home

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When leaving your home for any length of time, there is always that little voice in your head, making you worry about whether the house is safe and secure.

Luckily, Z-Wave can silence that voice and put your fears aside. Being able to access your home and its security system from anywhere across the globe is sure to give you peace of mind.

How does Z-Wave work?

Every Z-Wave network generates a unique ID. Each device in your home becomes part of a unique Z-Wave network, unlike any other in the world, centred around a hub device which connects to the internet.

The central hub is critical for security. The Z-Wave network uses the AES128 encryption system – the same encryption method used by many major banks across the world, keeping your home safe from hackers and cyber criminals. The central hub decrypts the information sent from your device, and controls the network, putting your home’s safety in the palm of your hand.


What security aspects can I control?

Z-Wave has a whole host of different security features that you can interconnect with each of your devices. Some of the main features Z-Wave can offer are remote door locks, light activation, and real time surveillance. These can greatly improve your home’s safety, and are incredibly convenient.

No longer will you have to worry about being back in time to let your children into the house after school, or them losing their key and being locked outside when you’re not around. You can simply order the Z-Wave system to unlock the door, allowing them to go into the house.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just abandon your children at home. Rather, it can be implemented alongside your normal routine to help make life easier for the whole family. Z-Wave will allow you to stop spending your time worrying that the house has been left unlocked and at risk of intrusion.

If someone comes to your door, such as a salesman, you can use your real-time surveillance system to see who it is, and whether you trust them. This can therefore reduce the risk of conmen turning up and tricking people into dodgy sales, or worse, all without having to get off the sofa.

If you’re away on holiday, simply turn on your lights in the evening and early hours of the night using your phone, indicating to anyone nearby that you are at home. It’s incredibly simple, and takes just seconds, deterring potential burglars.

Z-Wave App Controllers


  • Vera Mobile
  • Home Buddy
  • ImperiHome


  • Vera Mobile

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